SCANDAL in Toyland!

Adult LegoHeads everywhere flooded Reddit in recent weeks with plastic axes to grind. Uh oh! The resulting hysteria then mushroomed into an LOL global novelty. Now I’m no Star Wars fan, but this thing looks familiar. It’s officially termed an AT-AT (Al Terrain Armored Transport) and is snuggled tightly as the centerpiece of Lego’s much-anticipated 2021 Star Wars family of collectibles, landing just in time for Christmas. It enormous at more than 2 feet tall, 10 inches wide and 28 inches, rooter to the tooter. And at 6,785 pieces AND 9 minifigurines, it’s a time-consuming project and endless exercise in frustrated delusion. Well, it turns out the Danish company’s famous engineering prowess was NOT among the 6,785 pieces in the plastic grab bag because owners found that once assembled — it stayed assembled. The pieces CLICK together with mechanical precision and satisfaction but they kinda like to stay CLICKED. Disassembling certain complex sections requires (not-included) specialty tools AND a thick coating of elbow grease almost to the point of breakage. So to you LegoHeads out there who so enjoy the art of putting these types of things together, then taking it down and then restarting it all over again? Yah that’s not gonna happen. At least not easily. Go ahead and just encase the thing in an illuminated acrylic box to gather dust and much of your seething ire. Lego’s recent trend in offering adult-oriented pricey complex projects meant to be constructed ONCE continues at full speed. The AT-AT is an expensive speeding ticket at $800. It’s also SOLD OUT for 2021. $800 for nearly 7000 pieces of one-and-done plastic. Yup, that checks-out.




The Office of the Commissioner | Commissioning Greatness for All

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Gregory Carrido

Gregory Carrido

The Office of the Commissioner | Commissioning Greatness for All

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