There’s Simply Nothing to See Here!

…Or so goes some variation of new York City officials breathless pleas to prospective parade-goers to make like a tree an split. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has embedded itself tightly in American tradition since 1924 and has in the decades since faced wars, terrorist attacks the Great Depression, bitter cold temperatures, fierce wind storms but never outright cancellation. The 2020 version will be no different and carries on undeterred. Of course the Parade’s sheen this year will be awash in the Covid precautionary measures namely that it’ll (attempt to) be spectator-free. Gone is the 2.5 mile route beginning at 77th and Central Park West continuing along to 59th before completing its journey to Herald Square via 6th Avenue. Instead the parade route will consist of one city block (34th between 7th and 6th) on a closed set. And the Balloons! There will be Balloons including Snoopy, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Elf on a Shelf, Chase from PAW Patrol among many others. There will be fewer Balloons flown at lower heights anchored by a quintet of 2785 pound Toro tractors flanked by 25 masked handlers. The Balloons will be inflated, staged, presented, whisked off-stage, deflated and unceremoniously broken down all within a 750 foot perimeter. All of these machinations naturally draw view interest — beyond the parade itself — which is why Planners are telling people to stay away. That the best seats this Pandemic-afflicted year are the ones familiar to you at home. Their wish is to give you an enjoyable experience, not the Rona. Yah, that checks out I suppose.




The Office of the Commissioner | Commissioning Greatness for All

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Gregory Carrido

Gregory Carrido

The Office of the Commissioner | Commissioning Greatness for All

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